Ken Zylla's beginnings in art go back over forty years to a time and place where wildlife and nature provided the foundation for his career. As a native Minnesotan, he enjoyed unlimited access to the lakes, woods and opportunity to become acquainted with nature that would eventually merge with his interest in art.

Self taught Ken's success has been built on experimenting with color and technique. The unique style of Ken's painting has earned him the distinction of being one of the few artists who are recognized by their work.

Throughout his career, Ken has distinguished himself for creating a dimension in his compositions that truly bring his paintings to life. As you study his work, it is easy to appreciate the story-telling ability that describes the detail of an event or place that you may have experienced yourself. With bold color and attention to detail, Ken creates a dialogue with the everyday pieces of our lives. His blending of the elements, such as weather, sunlight, time of day, the seasons, along with his choice of subjects, bring each painting to a precise place in time.

Ken has had numerous successful shows. His work is displayed in several corporate and private collections throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

An artist's artist, Ken has shared his skills and techniques as a lecturer and teacher with students and fellow artists. As an active member of several conservation organizations, Ken lends support to their fund-raising efforts by publishing "Conservation Edition Prints" that are distributed throughout Minnesota and eleven other states.

Ken now lives in Rogers, Minnesota and works out of his home studio. You will be taken from to to view or purchase my art work. Sportsmans's Choice is the only site authorized to sell my art work via the internet.  

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The Gamebird Series Prints

Please "BE AWARE" The Original Painting of "Spring Thaw" was stolen at the Duluth Home Show in 2003.  If you see this original for sale please contact us! 

Spring Thaw



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